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Our Approach

EDUPATH USA has been recognized by NAFSA, WEBA, ICEF, and other international organization in the field of international education.

In the age of globalization we strive for excellence, innovation, comprehensive excellence and to make impossible possible. We select the right institution for our clients to choose from with the best prices and effective outcomes.

We believe that the future begins today and education is the most effective tool to change your future. We help you succeed.

Our primary goal is to make education accessible to everyone in spite of social or financial status and to financially and morally assist potentially high achieving students to contribute knowledge and innovative ideas.

At the same time, we strive to assist student be equipped with modern technical skills and knowledge so they may contribute to the development of human capital in the age of globalization.

Meet the Team

Hasan Altuntas

Founder & CEO

Sadik Tanyeri Akkus

Vice President

Ilgin Samedov

Marketing Manager

We are here to help our students to find a gateway for their academic future.


There are many reasons to work with us and these are the only a few of them:

  • Professional Team: We have a highly skilled professional team who can make your application process simple.
  • Easy Communication: We have representatives who can answer your questions in Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, English, and Chinese.
  • Serving each step of your academic life: EDUPATH will be with you always whenever you need help. Our global ambassadors always will be with you.
  • Customized Placement Options for International Students: EDUPATH will help out you the find the best option to fit your academic future.
  • Logistics Support: EDUPATH arranges airport pick up, welcoming, housing and insurance support, upon request.
  • Visa Process Assistance: EDUPATH team will give you support to make sure your visa process is successful.
  • FREE ONLINE TRAINING FOR NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS FOR CULTURE SHOCK. Edupath will provide one hour free online training to its students who will come to study abroad about the challenges of adapting to life abroad.